Clear oversight per bed

CBed is installed in hospital wards. The module displays action screens according to the health staff authority. Through this module users can control patient admissions, transfers, and discharges by a drag and drop function, simplifying the process whilst making it faster. Users can flag patients diagnoses, infections, bed cleaning, file locations and set pressure ulcers severity. CBed assists the staff with assigning patients to the most suitable ward.


The module also has a version designed for the hospital control room. Large Screens display the hospital wards and their respective bed layout. Colour coding is used to signify the bed and patient status whilst alerting the staff to take immediate and appropriate actions.


Green: Vacant beds
Red: Patient exceeded length of stay (LOS)
Yellow: Patients within LOS
Purple: Patients marked as infected


CBed is available in CEO version. Designed for CEO’s and management, this tool gives real-time visibility of patient scenarios. CBed is also linked to a business intelligence reporting tool, which gives real time data as well as automated scheduled reports on A&E and LOS in wards. All these assist management in taking the necessary and appropriate interventions and decisions at the correct time.


CBed is proven to be an effective hospital management tool which gives real-time patient and bed visibility. This helps with the coordination amongst staff groups whilst eliminating manual processing. It has also improved bed turn-over with vacant beds being available in a timely manner. LOS monitoring has improved bed availability and as a result of this, patients can be assigned beds within a shorter time frame.