Fast tracking and input

CTrack is a module designed for any emergency department (A&E), primary care and clinics requiring fast tracking and input. This module is implemented at A&E and A&E paediatrics.


CTrack consist of touch screen monitors, which are used to track patients, man-aging their care throughout their visit at A&E in a real-time manner.

Health professionals can sign in using their hospital ID tag (barcode or RFID), avoiding complicated logins and passwords, and subsequently being faster for the benefit of the patients. The system recognises the personnel and their access rights according to their designation. Patients are also admitted in CTrack by their assigned barcode or RFID.


CTrack Monitors

The CTrack Monitor is used to list patients awaiting in A&E:
The monitor tracks patients’ waiting time by highlighting patients in colour codes. This visibility makes it easier to alert staff to take the necessarily actions when required.


Blue: Waiting up to 3.5 hours
Yellow: Waiting between 3.5 hours to 4 hours
Red: Waiting over 4 hours
White: Patient ready from emergency and awaiting admittance into ward.


CTrack Monitor is available in CEO version. Designed for CEOs and manage-ment, this tool gives real-time visibility of patient scenarios. CTrack assists management in taking the necessary and appropriate interventions and deci-sions at the correct time.The module is also linked to a business intelligence reporting tool, which gives real time data as well as automated scheduled re-ports.

Development on this system started in 2014, however the full suite was rolled-out across the entirety of Mater Dei Hospital earlier this year (2017). CTrack monitors an average of 300 patients daily and is used by hundreds of users, ranging from doctors and nurses to consultants and other health professionals.


CTrack Module has helped reduce A&E average waiting time from 14 hours to 4.5 hours.