Full inventory control

iSTK Software is a multi-dimensional inventory and management software controlling generic medicinal codes, barcodes and batches with expiry dates. The application has been designed specifically for medium to large and tracks inventory from receiving to dispensing stages.


The system reads a variety of barcodes and RFID’s, which eliminate human errors, speed up operations and create efficiencies.


iSTK keeps track of inventory locations, stock movements between sub-stores, while in transit from one to store to another [different locations], and up to when goods arrive at destination.


The system creates pick list automatically according to the entities demand. Pick lists save valuable time searching for inventory. The system works with an automated algorithm where first expiry first out [FEFO] inventory is selected. This making pick lists process faster and easier whilst eliminate expiring stock due to human error and/or negligence.

An entities module also automates and controls entities allocation, orders being received from an unlimited number of dispensing units/agents.

iSTK includes a stock take module. This caters for general stock take which is usually done by counting all store/s inventory usually once a year, or partial stock takes when specific locations/sections/departments are counted throughout the year. It also has a module that compares inventory pre and post stock take/s creating variance report/s.


System includes a fully integrated Creditors, Nominal and Debtors Ledgers.


iSTK maximizes business benefits for just-in-time inventory. Provides a complete inventory management solution, controlling inventory, tracking items, ensuring adequate supplies, reducing expired goods, increasing warehouse productivity, and significantly reduces work load.

With an infinite range of reporting modules, management and staff can plan, control and be proactive in real time.
Istk also has a handheld device interface and links to any type of barcode printers (inc QR).